Plastic Strapping Machines

Our plastic strapping machines are engineered for applications across all industries.

Our family business has supplied these products to hundreds of customers for over 40 years.  We have built a strong reputation by being easy to work with through our commitment to: prompt delivery, competitive pricing and a 100% guarantee of quality.

For personal service call us at 877-776-0404. Our professional staff has years of experience with all types of machine applications. We welcome the chance to work with you to suggest the ideal solution for your particular application.

Please contact us about the type of machine in which you are interested. We will contact you with a detailed list of questions, such as: required arch size, number of straps per minute and if there are special requirements concerning the product being strapped. We do this to ensure that the machine we suggest is the best one for your business.

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Image Name Custom Description Group By Quantity MINI-MAX

The MINI MAX is a heavily built, portable strapping machine that can strap virtually any size carton.  Its heavy-duty stainless steel top, rugged frame design and rigid casters with brakes will provide years of excellent performance for applications with heavy packages and high volume production.


  • Automatically feeds, tensions and heat seals strap
  • Adjustable to use polypropylene strap widths from ¼” to 5/8”
  • External tension control for delicate or solid bundles
  • Energy–saving, adjustable timer switch automatically shuts off motor when not in use
  • Precision die cast alloy seal head cam housing
  • Reliable microprocessor (PLC) control
  • Available in Closed Cabinet (shown) and Open Cabinet models

Mini-Max Series Semi-Automatic Strapping Machines

Semi-Automatic Plastic Strapping Machine
Image Name Custom Description Group By Quantity P702

The 702 is a premium, high-speed machine. Its features make it the most operator friendly machine in its class.

The 702 is available in a wide variety of arch sizes. Other options include: automatic conveyor systems with press assemblies for high volume processors.


  • Up to 65 Straps per Minute
  • High-Performance DC Brushless Motor
  • Precision Electronic Tension
  • Loop and Coil End Strap Ejectors
  • Anti-Jam Technology
  • Auto Strap Loading at Waist Height
  • Foot Bar, Photo Eye and Panel Switch Standard on Every Machine
  • Track Design Ensures Precision Strap Placement

Model P702-59 High Speed Strapping Machine

Automatic Plastic Strapping Machines P702- Stainless Steel

The 702 Stainless Steel combines all of the features of the standard 702 machine with the added benefit of being able to withstand the conditions of a cold and wet work environment. It is ideal for the food and meat packing industries.

Addtional Features:

  • Up to 40 Packages per Minute in Single Strap Mode
  • Single, Double, Multiple Strap and Bypass Modes
  • Variable Speed Conveyor

Model P702BS Fully Automatic Conveyorized Stainless Steel Strapping Machine

Automatic Plastic Strapping Machines P715

The 715 machine combines heavy duty frame design with high operating speeds. The three motor seal engine design provides an outstanding level of performance while greatly reducing the number of moving parts. The proven track design assures precise parallel strap placements at high speed.

Model P715 High Speed Strapping Machine

Automatic Plastic Strapping Machines
Image Name Custom Description Group By Quantity Custom-Engineered Strapping Systems

We have a nationwide network of systems engineers that are available to provide a customized strapping solution for your business. The engineering team has implemented cost and time saving systems in all sectors of manufacturing. From lumber and corrugated box plants to pharmaceutical and window manufacturers, experienced professionals look forward to speaking with you about ways to make your business more efficient and productive.

Equipment Solutions for the Forest Industry

Custom-Engineered Strapping Systems
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